Wholesale Merchandiser


The Wholesale Merchandiser will liaise with other departments to ensure all stages of the Critical Path run smoothly, from researching new ideas and suppliers to production and delivery. The post holder must understand client and customer needs, managing their team to ensure all deliveries arrive on time and to order. This will often include working with Quality Assurance and Merchandisers to develop good quality products  in line with company standards. Whilst managing the supply chain system, the Wholesale Merchandiser will also working alongside the Buying team to help seek out and develop new ideas and collections. They sell products to retail stores, negotiating with clients to agree on prices and orders, then delivering products from the manufacturer to the store.

Experience Requirements

  • Many employers will look for candidates relevant experience working in the field. This could include experience in the same or a similar role within Merchandising or work placements.
  • Some employers will prefer individuals with a Degree in subjects such as Marketing or Business Studies, and Maths-related qualifications are often highly valued. Whilst a Degree can be beneficial in many cases, this is not always a requirement and should be checked before application.

Salary Opportunities

  • Salaries for a Wholesale Merchandiser can range from £25,000 to £35,000. Levels of experience may also determine salary levels in some cases.