Visual Assistant


Visual Assistants support other members of the Visual Merchandising team such as the Visual Merchandising Manager in their roles. They will often create new window or in-store displays to promote new seasons, trends and products with the view of driving sales. The Visual Assistant will often carry out tasks, such as writing reports or conducting research, as well as drawing up plans for other members of the team. In some cases, the post holder will design displays based on different themes, such as seasonal events or promotions.

Experience Requirements

  • Generally, employers will seek candidates based on their level of experience and knowledge. Degrees and Diplomas may support some applications, although this is not always necessary and should be verified before application.
  • Candidates must display creative flair, thrive under pressure and be good communicators.

Salary Opportunities

  • Salaries for Visual Merchandising Assistants can range from £15,000-£30,000. Levels of experience may also be a key indicator.