Technologists will evaluate fabrics and production methods, either liaising with the manufacturers in order to speed up production or choosing to adapt the product development process. They will ensure all fabrics and materials meet company guidelines for quality and budgets. The Technologist often maintains communications with suppliers to develop an efficient and timely production process for materials. The post holder will work as a link between the designers and the manufacturers, liaising with each party to meet needs of the production teams. The Technologist will also be expected to seek out new trends and fashions within the industry. The post holder may also work alongside quality control teams to test quality of the materials used for durability and strength.

Experience Requirements

  • Some employers will seek a candidate with a Degree in a relevant subject, particularly Technical-based qualifications; however this is not always the case and should be confirmed on application.
  • Candidates must show a good knowledge of the working environment. This is most often displayed by relevant work experience, either through past employment in a similar role or through work placements.
  • Skills to demonstrate would be good practical skills, including excellent technical knowledge, as well as the ability to work as part of a wider team and show strong communication skills.

Salary Opportunities

  • Salaries for a Technologist can range from around £18,000-£40,000, depending on level of experience. Over recent years, salaries for Technologists within the fashion/textile industry have increased.