Senior Merchandiser


The Senior Merchandiser generally manages a wider team of Merchandisers, working to ensure that all KPIs and targets are met within the department. They will also manage stock, including orders and deliveries in some cases, with a view of driving sales and delivering against financial targets. They will product reports and sales forecasts for different ranges, using them to motivate and manage staff. The Senior Merchandiser will often communicate with the Buying team and suppliers to keep track of the critical path, aiming to maximise stock turnover. Senior Merchandisers hold a more managerial position than others in the team and the role will involve more responsibility for financial aspects of the business.

Experience Requirements

  • Generally, employers will look for candidates with past experience as a Senior Merchandiser or for someone who has held the position of Merchandiser for over two years, as this role requires a good knowledge of a Merchandising environment.
  • For some recruiters, sector specific experience may be essential, although this is not always necessary and will depend on the preferences of the employer.

Salary Opportunities

  • Salaries for a Senior Merchandiser can range from £42,000- £65,000 depending on the size and turnover of the company. In the UK, the average salary is around £53,000.