Production / Wholesale Merchandising Assistant


The Wholesale Merchandising Assistant generally supports the more senior members of the Merchandising team in their roles, including managing at all stages of the critical path. They will liaise with both factories and clients, completing orders and ensuring deliveries times are met. Along with members of the Buying and Production teams, they will test new fabrics and trims, as well as maintaining communications with suppliers. In some cases, they will write up and analyse reports relating to testing, orders and deliveries of products.

Experience Requirements

  • Most employers will require candidates to have a high level of relevant knowledge, including a sound understanding of the supply chain and critical path, as well as sufficient past experience in a Merchandising environment. Typically, individuals will need administrative experience from within the same sector as the job they are applying for, although this is not always the case.
  • Some employers will seek candidates who have a Degree in subjects such as Business Administration or Marketing, although this is not always necessary at this level.

Salary Opportunities

  • Salaries for a Production/ Wholesale Merchandising Assistant can range from £17,000 to £22,000 depending on the candidate’s level of experience.