Product Developer


The Product Developer will support various teams involved in the development and manufacturing of a product, monitoring progress across all steps of the Critical Path. They will work with other departments, including Production and Marketing, to develop a profitable, on-trend product which meets customer demand. For the Product Development team, it is a high priority that the product is in line with the overall image and aims of the company, which will include prioritising new projects in order to meet financial targets. Many Product Developers will work very closely with the Design and Buying teams, working alongside them through the whole process, from seeking out new ideas or textiles to marketing newly launched products.

Experience Requirements

  • Most employers look for candidates with past experience and excellent knowledge of the product development process. This might include past employment in this area of retail, although it can also include appropriate work experience.
  • Some employers will ask for a Degree in a relevant subject, such as Engineering or Design, although this is very much dependant on the sector and should be verified before application.
  • In some cases, employers will require individuals with good computer skills, as some companies will use specific software to aid the product development process.

Salary Opportunities

  • Salaries for a Product Developer can range from around £30,000- £42,000 depending on the size and turnover of the company. In many cases, level of experience and responsibility will also have an important impact on salary levels.