A Merchandiser is generally in charge of all Merchandising tasks within a company. They will work alongside a wider team, including staff from different departments to drive sales of all stock within a store. For example, the Merchandiser will commonly work alongside the Buyer to develop successful collections based on current trends and past product reports. It is the role of the Merchandiser to analyse sales trends, looking at best sellers or slow selling products and act accordingly, either developing strategies to maintain the success of some products or working to plan promotions for those products that are not selling as well. The Merchandiser will communicate with suppliers to secure good products at the best prices, all with the view of producing a collection that is profitable and on trend. The post holder must usually have an eye for figures, as the role includes creating reports, analysing figures and writing forecasts for all product ranges.

Experience Requirements

  • Generally, successful applicants will have sufficient experience as either a Merchandiser or a Junior Merchandiser and be able to demonstrate the knowledge to take on the role.
  • Some employers in the retail sector prefer candidates with sector specific experience for this role as it requires a good level of specialised knowledge, although this should be confirmed before application.

Salary Opportunities

  • Salaries for a Merchandiser can range from £20,000-£45,000. The candidate’s level of experience is also a contributing factor to salary levels.