Head of Retail Operations


The role of the Head of Retail Operations is to drive sales across all of the company’s stores. They will report into Retail Directors and develop all Area Managers with the view to increasing productivity of stores and maintaining operational standards. The post holder will ensure all presentation and customer service is up to company standards, along with the merchandising and recruitment processes of new stores. The Head of Retail Operations will also set budgets and formulate a retail strategy for a whole company. Importantly, the post holder will also coordinate staff training, new guidelines and standards, as well as formulating new ideas for stores to increase profitability.

Experience Requirements

  • Many employers will look for candidates with excellent knowledge of the retail environment, including some managerial experience. Generally, successful candidates must have three years experience working in a senior role within the retail sector, such as Operations Director.
  • Size of past employers may also be a decisive factor in the selection process.
  • Some employers may ask for a Degree, although this will depend on the sector and is usually not a key requirement.

Salary Opportunities

  • Salaries for a Head of Retail Operations can range from £70,000-£100,000 depending on the size and turnover of the company.