eCommerce Job Descriptions


CRM Executive

CRM Executive The CRM Executive holds a key supporting role in marketing campaigns for online retail businesses, making sure that the company achieves good levels of customer satisfaction by helping to ensure that it is in tune with the wants and needs of its customers. They will work alongside the CRM Manager in most cases, [...]

CRM Manager

CRM Manager The CRM Manager will work to create different CRM online strategies in line with a company’s marketing objectives. The role involves developing or choosing a platform that will allow the collection and storage of customer data and then interrogating it so that the business can spot behaviours that could hep it target offers [...]

Content Executive

Content Executive The role of Content Executive requires the management of a company’s online presence including their website, social network profiles and marketing campaigns. They often work alongside the technical team and other employees to ensure an online presence is maintained in line with the company style and that information is accurate. They will upload [...]

Web Analyst

Web Analyst A Web Analyst will analyse online trends and website usage with the view of predicting future activity such as marketing and level of sales in certain areas. They may use a number of different analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, in order to gather data on website user activity, for example number of [...]

Social Media Executive

Social Media Executive A Social Media Executive in the retail sector will work to maintain an online presence for a company, by keeping the business’ social media profiles up to date. They must have good marketing skills in order to present the company in the correct light to its various audiences. The Social Media Executive [...]

Web Designer/ Developer

Web Designer/ Developer A Web Designer is responsible for designing and maintaining the company’s website so that it is up to date and optimised. They will design the website with help from the Web Developer, writing coding, creating a design and determining the overall layout of the site. They must work as a team with [...]