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A Merchandiser is generally in charge of all Merchandising tasks within a company. They will work alongside a wider team, including staff from different departments to drive sales of all stock within a store. For example, the Merchandiser will commonly work alongside the Buyer to develop successful collections based on current trends and past product [...]

Operations Director

The Operations Director holds all responsibility for retail operations within the company, driving sales in all stores. They will plan new store openings, working alongside other departments such as Marketing and Merchandising to ensure the store is a success, as well as determining new site locations and having some input in recruitment. The post holder [...]

Senior Merchandiser

The Senior Merchandiser generally manages a wider team of Merchandisers, working to ensure that all KPIs and targets are met within the department. They will also manage stock, including orders and deliveries in some cases, with a view of driving sales and delivering against financial targets. They will product reports and sales forecasts for different [...]

Junior Merchandiser

Junior Merchandisers will usually work alongside other junior members of the team, developing and training them in line with company guidelines. They will liaise with suppliers and other departments to hit deadlines, including making sure deliveries arrive on time. The post holder will be used to analysing sales figures and write forecasts based on sales [...]

Head of Retail Operations

The role of the Head of Retail Operations is to drive sales across all of the company’s stores. They will report into Retail Directors and develop all Area Managers with the view to increasing productivity of stores and maintaining operational standards. The post holder will ensure all presentation and customer service is up to company [...]

Production / Wholesale Merchandising Assistant

The Wholesale Merchandising Assistant generally supports the more senior members of the Merchandising team in their roles, including managing at all stages of the critical path. They will liaise with both factories and clients, completing orders and ensuring deliveries times are met. Along with members of the Buying and Production teams, they will test new [...]

Visual Supervisor

The Visual Supervisor will manage a wider team of Visual Merchandisers, working across departments within a store to create displays in line with company guidelines and targets. Often, the post holder will work alongside Store Managers to develop new themes or ideas in line with current ranges or products, whilst working alongside the Visual Merchandising [...]

Senior Branch Merchandiser

The Senior Branch Manager is responsible for creating effective commercial plans for upcoming seasons, as well as analysing current sales figures and writing reports on sales levels. This role will demand good managerial skills, as individuals who hold this post will manage one or more branches depending on the company’s grading systems, as well as tracking [...]

International Merchandiser

An International Merchandiser must have a good understanding of trading elements within the Merchandising sector of retail. This means they will usually work alongside other staff from different departments, such as Buying and Design, in order to develop a collection that achieves the aims of the company. The International Merchandiser must have good analytical and [...]

Wholesale Merchandiser

The Wholesale Merchandiser will liaise with other departments to ensure all stages of the Critical Path run smoothly, from researching new ideas and suppliers to production and delivery. The post holder must understand client and customer needs, managing their team to ensure all deliveries arrive on time and to order. This will often include working [...]